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Ruth Mundy Wedding 

Wedding & Event Planners

Ruth Mundy Weddings

An Award Winning Wedding Planner with 14 years of experience in planning beautiful weddings and events nationwide.

Planning a wedding is an incredibly daunting experience and we are here to metaphorically (or sometimes literally!) hold your hand throughout the process. 

Every wedding is different and deserves its own identity and should be treated exactly that way. 

Consultancy -

With freelance & venue based experience we have helped several venues triple their revenue with an incredibly successful outcome.


At Ruth Mundy Weddings we are your path for making your wedding day or special event happen seamlessly. We believe every event deserves to be distinctive and on a level of its own. We can be as involved as you wish us to be, be it taking handle in all your plans along the way or just being there on the day to oversee that everything flows smoothly and to be a point of contact should any problems arise and deal with them, allowing you and your family to relax and enjoy the day.
We are based in Southampton, however we will travel to where ever we are needed! We will work to every budget, using our experience and close network of reliable suppliers to get everything you wish for. We are calm, friendly, bubbly planners with experience and a true passion for weddings!


Flawless! We couldn't have asked for anything more. Felt comfortable and at ease each time we had to delay our day. Ruth was brilliant throughout.

Ani & Vicki 2022

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